Coach Kevin Magouirk Has Landed In Australia

Coach Kevin Magouirk Has Landed In Australia

Coach Kevin Magouirk, the head coach of the Logan Wolverines, has landed in Australia.

With gameplay moved to 2017, in the immediate future coach Magouirk will take on the head role coordinating the league’s community football and engagement projects across Australia.

Coach Magouirk comes with a breadth of coaching experience at many levels, ranging from high school to NCAA Division 1. He has served in various roles including position coach and coordinator at the collegiate level.

Until first game in 2017, the league will use the opportunity to expand its community and youth football projects. The NGL is confident the additional time to focus on building American football awareness and participation, will lead to more fans and even greater fan engagement.

As more personnel arrive to work with coach Magouirk, the NGL will provide more information regarding upcoming projects in the coming weeks.




This post was created by the National Gridiron League media office.