Corporate Social Responsibility

NGL Corporate Social Responsibility

The National Gridiron League aim is to create lasting value through responsible business strategies and productive stakeholder relationships.

Our aim is to behave responsibly as a corporate citizen and to be perceived as doing so by customers, suppliers, employees, stakeholders and the wider community. Our governance with corresponding management accountabilities will ensure that the organization’s broader responsibilities are identified and met, resulting in an enhanced public image, improved risk management and, ultimately, ecological and economic sustainability.

Promoting Equal Opportunity

The League demostrates its commitment to equal opportunities and acts as a model of good practice for employers and people in the community.

Supporting The Environment

The League acts responsibly with respect to the environment through, for example, conservation, recycling, waste reduction and using the earth’s resources in a way that does not jeopardize the reasonable rights of future generations.

The League takes into consideration its impact of high volume of travel and aims to reduce the resource use associated with this activity. The League also takes into consideration its impact of equipment use and has implemented various sustainable disposal strategies for minimal environmental impact.

Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility

The League contributes to its community in areas such as health, education and community development through numerous community and youth projects.

Demonstrating Legal and Ethical Behaviour

The League demonstrates its commitment to its community and wider society by, for example disclosing information to the community, listening through community consultation, and reducing and preventing nuisance and harm arising from its operations and the lifecycle of its produce and services and influencing its business sector.