Our Principles


The leader ship team aims to provide clear direction, build organizational alignment and focus on sustainable achievement of goals.

The league realizes that a culture of excellence can only be achieved and sustained when organizational leaders, particularly senior leaders, lead by example and model behaviors based on all of these Principles. Senior Leadership communicates the mutually agreed organizational purpose, values and core strategies and ensures that they are effectively deployed.


We understand what markets and customers value, now and into the future, and we use this to drive organizational design, strategy and our offering to our customers.

We recognize that our customers are best able to judge quality, suitability and worth of our offerings. Our customer driven approach means using knowledge about how our market perceives value, to influence the design of key areas such as strategy, end-to-end processes and the nature of our products and services. This provides us with many benefits, including sustaining competitive advantage, improving customer acquisition, generating loyalty and gaining market share.

Business Systems

We aim to establish and continuously improve our business systems.

We view our organization and the environment in which we operate as a system. We aim to continuously improve our systems by understanding and anticipating the potential consequences of core actions within and outside the system. We analyze outcomes and apply the lessons we have learned to reshape our activities. We continuously improve, with the goal of transforming inputs into outputs and achieving desirable outcomes for our stakeholders.


We develop and value our people’s capabilities and release their skills, resourcefulness and creativity to change and improve the organization.

We want to ensure our people are enthusiastic and want to give them reason to maintain their enthusiasm. We acknowledge that the people working in a particular field understand that field best. We aim to harvest their ideas to improve our systems and outcomes, promote shared ownership of the organization’s goals and create a committed, loyal, productive and innovative workforce. We pay attention to the satisfaction, development and well being of our people, to enhance their performance and working relationships and improve organizational outcomes.

Continuous Improvement

We develop agility and responsiveness based on a culture of continual improvement, innovation and learning.

The leagues management maintains the capacity to implement change, learn quickly and respond rapidly with new ways of doing business. By maximizing both personal and organizational learning we improve efficiency and effectiveness, and increase knowledge sharing and innovation.

Information and Knowledge

We improve performance through the use of data, information and knowledge to understand variability and to improve strategic and operational decision making.

We make use of organizational data, information and knowledge when making strategic and operational decisions. Because variation has an impact on predictability, costs and performance, measurement and management of variation is a high priority.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We behave in an ethically, social and environmentally responsible manner.

Our aim is to behave responsibly as a corporate citizen and to be perceived as doing so by customers, suppliers, employees, stakeholders and the wider community. Our governance with corresponding management accountability will ensure that the organization’s broader responsibilities are identified and met, resulting in an enhanced public image, improved risk management and, ultimately, ecological and economic sustainability.

Sustainable Results

League leadership focus on sustainable results, value and outcomes.

The National Gridiron League aims to survive and thrive in a global marketplace and to be distinguished from others by the actual and perceived value it creates and sustains for its customers, shareholders, suppliers, partner, employees and other stakeholders. The League aims to be successful in the judgments it makes about balance of outcomes to be achieved across its key stakeholder groups and reflect that balance in developing and monitoring the value delivered by its corporate strategies.