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Orlando Regional Combine

The Orlando Phantoms will host The National Gridiron League, Brisbane Outlaws open combine from 9 am – 1 pm for offensive session and 2 pm – 5:30 pm for defensive session on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at Lake Brantley High School, 991 Sand Lake Road. ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL 32714. The event is directed by Coach Michael Torres.
Participants must register to take part in the combine. The cost to participate is US$40 payable at event check-in.
Participants must provide their own cleats, shorts and accessories. The tryout is non-contact, therefore pads and helmets are not required.

Orlando, FL Regional Combine Registration Form

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1. The Information will be held on a national database maintained by the National Gridiron League Pty Limited (NGL); 2. The Information may be used and disclosed by the NGL in accordance with and for the purposes specified in the NGL’s Privacy Policy, including (without limitation) processing registrations, organising, staging and conducting Competitions and providing Football related information and offers from the NGL and its affiliates; 3. In order to satisfy legal or insurance requirements and in particular to confirm an applicant’s suitability The League may release certain information to government or insurance provider authorised representative on a confidential basis; 4. Should The League deem it necessary to conduct an internal investigation into a work related matter such as a complaint against an employee, injury etc., The League may seek such information as it deems necessary from other persons. In such instances The League may divulge to its authorised representatives on a confidential basis any information necessary to objectively and confidentially complete the investigation; 5. The League will not communicate any information about an applicant except as provided for herein above, without the prior consent of the employee or applicant unless it is required to do so by law; 6. The Applicant will at all times have access to his/her personal file and all documents other than health information directly related to his/her employment provided that the information shall not be copied or documents removed from The League’s premises without the prior approval of a League authorised representative and that such authorisation in respect to the copying of documents only shall not be unreasonably withheld; 7. To gain access to his/her personnel file the Applicant must make a written application to the Privacy Officer who will supervise approved access; 8. Should the applicant wish to do so he/she may authorise The League to release information to other persons or organizations by advising the League Privacy Officer in writing; 9. In the event the applicant believes the provisions of Privacy Legislation have been breached he/she should submit a grievance direct to the League Privacy Officer, the details of whom will be advised by The League from time to time.

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1. Football is a body contact sport which carries a risk of personal injury or death. National Gridiron League Administrators take steps to reduce the risk of serious injury and death, but it is not possible to eliminate risk in a sport involving forceful body contact such as Football. By signing this application form, the Player voluntarily assume the risks associated with participating in football and acknowledge this warning of the injury or death risks involved; 2. Whilst some limited statutory insurance cover is available for participants who suffer particular injuries, the Civil Liability Act in each State (the Acts) limit the liability of National Gridiron League Pty Limited Administrators (including their volunteers, members, employees and officials) from civil litigation arising out of injuries suffered whilst playing, or training for, Football; 3. The League is required to warn Players and other persons involved in the game of football of the risks of injury involved in playing football, which the League hereby does.

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