Player Recruitment

The National Gridiron League and its teams are actively searching for the best available players.

All prospective players are required to complete a Player Application Form. To submit a player application for consideration, go to the Application Forms Page.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Prior to any contract negotiations all prospective players are required to sign and commit to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Publicity and Licensing Agreement

Prospective players may be required to agree to a Publicity and Licensing Agreement granting the league the right to use the player’s image, likeness and other player’s imagery and photography as agreed by the player.

Player Recruitment Process

The League and individual clubs aims to select the best players available to maintain the highest quality of football. The League and clubs follow a firm selection and recruitment process. The League’s selection and recruitment process may consist of some or all of the following components depending on the position:

  • External scouting, combines & submissions;
  • Film review;
  • Experience review;
  • Initial short listing;
  • Preliminary interview;
  • Second interview;
  • If required a third interview;
  • Aptitude testing;
  • Physiological testing;
  • Reference checks;
  • Federal Police clearance;
  • Medical examination; and
  • Final selection and approval;


All prospective players are required to complete a Player Application Form. To submit a player application for consideration, go to the Application Forms Page. The only way to express interest in playing in the NGL is via the Player Application Form.


Coaching staff evaluate all player application forms and information received. The team’s coaching staff select a players at their discretion.


Once the player selection and approval has been completed the league will make arrangement for the player’s contract to be drafted and dispatched directly to the player or the player’s nominated representative.

Travel Arrangements (If Required)

Upon signing the contract the league will make the necessary travel and immigration arrangements for the player in accordance with the contract terms.

Induction and Probation

The League ensures all players, receive a thorough briefing in respect to the League’s:

  • Expectations of on field performance;
  • History, culture and values;
  • Expectations between the League, the players, its employees, media and the public;
  • Occupational health and safety policy, procedures and programmes, and the onus of compliance on all players; and
  • Key procedures, particularly those relating to football operations.

In inducting its players, the League emphasises the value it places on each player. In so doing it ensures the player understands individual rights and expectations, particularly in respect to training, guidance, support personal development and communication.

Unless otherwise specified all new players undergo a three month probationary period during which time their performance will be monitored. Every effort is made by the League and clubs to provide performance feedback to the Players as a means of developing the individual and encouraging the attainment of desired performance levels.

Induction Minimum Standard

Mandatory subjects included in Induction Training Programmes are:

  • League organisation, history and culture;
  • Quality System Introduction;
  • Policies and Procedures;
  • Grievance;
  • Transfers;
  • Occupational (Workplace) Health, Safety and Environment;
  • Code of Conduct and Ethics;
  • Disciplinary Code of Practice;
  • Internal Security; and
  • Administration


Unless otherwise provided for, all new players of the League are employed initially on a three month probationary period. This requirement is stated and acknowledged in the player’s contract.

Performance Monitoring

The Player’s immediate coach monitors the performance of the player during the probationary period and provides performance feedback as appropriate. Where negative observations are made about a player’s performance during the probationary period, the player’s immediate coach arranges and where necessary conducts counselling, offers guidance and arranges additional training to ensure desired levels of performance are achieved.

Where counselling, guidance and/or additional training is given, the reasons for, agreed actions and identified outcomes are documented on the player’s file. To maximise each player’s chances of performing satisfactorily, coaches ensure they commence performance feedback including guidance and counselling and remedial training processes as early as possible after the probationary period commences. The League and each club has a specific Probationary Performance Appraisal Report for this purpose.

Failure to Successfully Complete Probationary Period

Provided the player has been afforded adequate opportunity via the Performance Appraisals to reach the desired standard of performance output, if the player fails to do so by the end of the probationary period the players contract is terminated in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Updated 4th June 2016