Player Football Equipment Has Landed

Player Football Equipment Has Landed

With the league officially completing recruitment for the 2016 season, the equipment is now following. The NGL are excited to announce the arrival of player equipment to be used throughout the season. Large volumes of Player protective equipment is arriving every week with many teams fully complete.

The NGL 2016 order with Schutt – the league’s player equipment supplier – is the largest single order Schutt has received this year.

This season, players will have a choice of Schutt Vengeance or Air XP-Pro helmets – state of the art helmets designed to provide cushioning and complete protection for all players. Underneath the popular Vengeance shell, Schutt has fine-tuned the padding to increase the impact absorption properties, with the results proving to be outstanding. Like all of Schutt’s helmets, the Vengeance includes thermoplastic urethane as the main cushioning, with a dual layer in the front and single layer in the back and crown of the helmet itself.

The design of the shell increases the impact absorption and strength and has produced extraordinary results across a variety of football leagues and levels. On the other hand, the Air XP-Pro helmet, also by Schutt, includes the latest type of thermoplastic urethane cushioning. This helmet is also the lightest helmet on the market. Sporting a traditional look, yet innovative technology, players will find comfort in these two options, designed with a dynamic fit and outstanding durability.

Players will also wear Schutt o2 shoulder pads throughout the season, innovatively designed for comfort and performance. These shoulder pads have two kinds of advanced padding – Air Maxx TPU cushioning and D3O foam, which help to strengthen and protect players, no matter the impact or blow. The o2 pads technology is flexible and soft, yet provides complete shoulder protection and can be customised to fit accordingly. The pads are well ventilated and allow players to sweat and cool their bodies naturally, without the risk of overheating.

The league is looking forward to a long-term partnership with Schutt and anticipates excellent feedback from players regarding this innovative protective equipment.