NGL Reveals the Brisbane Outlaws

NGL Reveals the Brisbane Outlaws

The National Gridiron League is pleased to announce the first team from its stable – the Brisbane Outlaws. Brisbane Outlaws are a professional American football league team representing the city of Brisbane. The Brisbane Outlaws are one of the 9 teams from different cities of Australia that form the National Gridiron League (NGL). Some of the other cities that will be represented in the NGL are Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast, Gold Coast and Newcastle and the teams for each of these cities will be announced during the next few months.

The NGL will be the highest level of competition for American football in Australia. The League is being launched with the aim of providing live sports entertainment to American football fans in Australia, and the NGL proposes to eventually have as large a fan following for American Football as is there for any other popular sport in our country.

The promoters and organizers of the NGL foresee a great response from the public of Australia and have great expansion plans, not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of the facilities and coaching options. American Football coaches and trainers of national and international repute are being approached and recruited for the NGL to be launched at the national level. Our goal is to popularize the sport across Australia by engaging the local populace through coaching camps which will eventually contribute future players to the League.

Brisbane Outlaws

The Brisbane Outlaws have the proud distinction of being the first team to be launched under the NGL banner. The team represents Brisbane and we will be announcing the practice ground and the playing venue for the team before the end of 2015. The Outlaws are scheduled to play the first ever season’s kick-off of NGL on 16th October, 2016.

Brisbane Outlaws colours are blue and gold and great care has been taken to ensure that the team’s mascot is unique and the colours are representative of the spirit of the city of Brisbane. Brisbane is the most populous city in Queensland, and with a population of over 2 million, NGL hopes to draw the support of the football fans of Brisbane.




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