NGL Facts

The National Gridiron League is a professional American Football league played in Australia. The league will launch with eight teams, located in two separate states. The state of Queensland will host four teams, and the state of New South Wales will host four teams. In 2017, the league will feature a 14-week regular season, which is scheduled to run from September to December. Each team will play seven games. Following the regular season, four teams will compete in the league’s two-week playoffs.

Management Team

The NGL maintains and a strong and highly experienced executive management team comprising of:

Mr Marcin Soluch – Managing Director

Responsible for initiating policy decisions, strategic planning, stakeholder relations and acting as the leading representative of the organization.

Prof. Mark Looi – Director, Officiating

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and coordinating game officiating and related activities for the NGL.

Dr Michael Duggan – Non-Executive Director, Sustainability and Social Impact

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and coordinating sustainability and social impacts of the league.

Mr Chris Darlison – Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and reviewing the overall operations of the organization and its major programs, and represent the organization.

Mr Paul Davis – Chief Creative Officer

Responsible for content production, communication and distribution through printed, electronic, visual and performance media, direct and present film, television, radio and stage productions.

Mrs Anna Czajka – Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and coordinating the financial and accounting activities within the organization.

Youth Football Development

The National Gridiron League has established and maintains youth football development programs and porjects including player camps, coaching clinics and youth football league. The NGL funds all of its youth football development inititaives.

Regular Season Schedule

The NGL season is 14 weeks long. The first regular season game will be played on October 9, 2016. The last regular season game will be played January 8, 2017. Each team will play 7 regular season games.

Players and Coaches

To produce a high-quality product, the league imports professional players and coaches from North America and top players from around the world.

Majority of players have been on National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL) or other professional football team rosters

NGL Team rosters consist of forty-one players, up to five players are Australian national athletes.

The Field

The NGL will use a full size American football field with traditional American football goal posts. The field marking is equivalent to professional football fields throughout North America.

Roster Structure

Team rosters consist of 40 players plus one. Each team will maintain up to five national players as part of the league’s local recruitment policy and commitment to player development.

Affiliations and Partnerships

The National Gridiron League has no affiliation with any organization representing the sport or any other football league.

Game Day Format

National Gridiron League will feature one double header event per week. Between the first and second game, the league will host a major performer. The league will also offer half-time entertainment during games.

Broadcast Production

National Gridiron League engages a third party in producing broadcast content. The NGL owns all of its content and licenses the content to television networks.

Updated October 16, 2017