Investor Relations

Welcome to the Investor Relations page. This page is for individuals and entities who have been invited to this page for more information relating to the National Gridiron League’s team ownership opportunities.

The National Gridiron League is pleased to offer the opportunity to invest in a select number of its teams. The invitation entitles eligible individuals or entities to purchase fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of select team, free from all brokerage and commissions.

The League’s proprietary business model enables the League to offer its investors an immediate high rate of return on their investment and is not reliant on the success of its football operations.

We hope that you will give favorable consideration to the instruments offered as a convenient means of securing your holding in one of our teams.

Important Information

To be eligible to apply for any team ownership opportunities or other instruments offered by the National Gridiron League Pty Limited, applicants must satisfy the Sophisticated Investor or Professional Investor tests. If prospective applicants are in any doubt as to their eligibility to apply, they should seek specific advice from a solicitor or investment advisor.

The information provided herein is not a proper disclosure document under Australian law. This information is provided on the basis that the person who is accessing this information would not require a disclosure document because of section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Potential investors should obtain their own independent advice and make their own assessment of the investment described in this Information Memorandum. You may wish to consult your professional advisor about the contents here in. The investment opportunities herein are speculative in nature.

The information herein should be read in conjunction with the full Information Memorandum available upon request to approved persons.