Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tryout to play in the NGL?

All prospective players must complete the Player Application Form via link below and include film in the application. The information will be distributed to relevant coaching staff who will evaluate the application. If required prospects will be contacted.

Will NGL games be broadcast?

Yes. NGL games will be broadcast on free-to-air television throughout Australia.

Will there be a cap on non-Australian national players?

There will not be a cap on non-Australian national players. The National Gridiron League is a commercial provider of entertainment and like any commercial enterprise it must ensure it provides high quality entertainment to its customers. To do so the league will engage players with the capabilities to provide a high level of game play. The league will recruit players domestically and internationally with the capabilities to provide the required level of skill. To contribute to the development of the skill level in Australia, the league will ensure a minimum of ten Australian national players are recruited by each team.

Why is Victoria not included in the first season?

Presently the National Gridiron League utilises corporate resources and maintains business partners that are located predominantly in Queensland and New South Wales. Therefore, during the establishment phase the league will operate as close to its resources as possible. Teams are clustered to ensure logistical efficiency and to prevent unnecessary strain on the league’s human and material resources. This approach also ties into the league’s revenue model, which requires a period to accommodate further expansion into other states. Placing even a single team in the state of Victoria in the initial season, would require an additional venue, regional and event management resources and significant transportation and logistics resources. Therefore it would not be prudent to establish a team in Victoria in the initial season.

What marketing is the NGL doing to raise mainstream awareness?

The National Gridiron League presently utilises a combination of outdoor, social media, print and online advertising to inform the community. This includes market testing campaigns. The current campaigns are specifically targeting areas that provide strategic value for the league. The current advertising is not broad, as presently this does not add optimal value to the league. Closer to season start and thereafter the league will utilise all forms of media to market its products and services, including many community engagement programs. It is important to note that the NGL target market in not limited to Australia.

How is the National Gridiron League funded?

The National Gridiron League is privately funded. However, the key component of the league business model is that start-up capital and football and commercial revenue is not expended on operations or financing. The league operates additional entities that provide cash flow for football and commercial operations. This provides the league with sustainable funding as funding is not subject to the success of the football program. Additional to start-up funding the league maintains conservative projections for commercial revenue such as sponsorship, ticket and merchandise sales and licensing. The league business and revenue model is proprietary and will not be discussed in detail at this point.

How will the NGL support American football youth development in Australia?

The launch of NGL alone will raise public awareness of American football through live events and television broadcasting. The league will promote and support various youth football events throughout Australia, such as flag football. The league will also utilise its players and coaching staff in various programs such as clinics throughout Australia. The programs will target primary and secondary school level youth. Further, the league will launch its own version of a “Get Fit to Stay Fit” campaign with opportunities for all Australians to be involved. These campaigns will aim to not only raise awareness of American Football, but will also focus on active and healthy living.

Where will human resources such as coaching and administrative staff be sourced from?

Administrative and coaching staff position vacancies will be advertised domestically and internationally as required. Candidates will be selected in accordance with league and team selection policies and procedures. Each team will be required to employ a minimum of one Australian national coach.

Where will NGL games be played?

NGL games will be played at prominent stadiums around Australia. Venues and locations will be announced in a future statement.

How can I obtain a media kit or media plugin for content?

The league will release a media kit in the near future and will make the kit available via the website or upon request. When the volume of content increases the league will also make available various media plugins and channels. The league maintains an account with a content distribution network provider, where media agencies can obtain content released by the league if they are a subscriber. For more information please contact the league directly through the contact form provided on the website.

Is the NGL affiliated with any existing American football organisations?

The National Gridiron League is not affiliated with any existing American football organisations. The NGL will review any expression of interest to affiliate on a case-by-case basis.

Who owns the NGL teams?

National Gridiron League teams are wholly owned by the league. The current corporate structure ensures centralization during the establishment phase and a balanced distribution of resources.

How can I be involved with the NGL?

The National Gridiron League will publicly advertise for various roles within the league or specific team. The league will advertise opportunities for employment, internship and volunteer on an as required basis.

Is there a minimum age to enter the NGL?

The minimum age to enter the NGL is 18. Players must also have legal capacity to enter into a binding contract.

Do NGL player contracts restrict participation in other leagues?

Yes. NGL player contracts prohibit players from playing football or engaging in activities related to football other than for the league, or engaging in any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury. Agreements are in place for selected player contracts to contain transfer options upon request from other prominent professional American football leagues.

Can women play in the NGL?

The National Gridiron League does not place any restrictions on gender. Female prospects will be provided equal opportunity to compete for a roster position.

Why is the league named National Gridiron League when it does not have teams in every state?

The National Gridiron League is named National as this is in line with other multi-state or national sports leagues in Australia and internationally. NGL expansions will include all states of Australia including Tasmania, although this is not the case with many other national leagues. Once the NGL establishment program is complete the league will maintain a national geographic scope.